Monday, June 14, 2010

June is "meh"

... I'm suffering from my as yet not totally identified allergies ...

The Resolution(s) by Month for June is simple: no Coke Zero! Implied is no cola, ideally no soda at all. It doesn't mean no caffeine tho.

On one hand, so far so good... early in the month I had a few cans of Sprite Zero; we've done a few gas station crappuccino runs (this will stop soon - the quality is so disappointing most of the time it's not worth it!); I've had a few cups of coffee when we had breakfast 'outside'; and I slipped and ordered a coke at Kosh's work function last weekend.

On the other hand, it's not like I've made up for it by increasing my water intake!

... for July & August: I will be implementing as many of these recommendations as I can (see page 9), in addition to once again targetting daily weekday 5:45am workouts.

Currently I am forcing myself to the YMCA but reach it only occasionally (I don't feel human enough to go / interact with others!!). I ~do~ have Nia classes with a new/different instructor starting this week: if it goes anything like last week's free class, it's gonna be great! Great enough that I might ignore how I look/feel and just go.