Wednesday, June 22, 2011

bf notes - 1

After getting back from the breastfeeding mom support group meeting followed by an impromptu session with the lactation consultation, i had a quick lunch (chili cheese fries, yum! oh and some soggy leftover salad), then kinda hung out with the kid, expecting him to be wailing for food... in the end it wasn't until 5pm that i managed to pop a boob into his mouth... so 15mins each side took us to 5:30pm... then i prepared and gave him 2 oz of formula, taking us to about 5:45pm... then I was supposed to put him down and go pump... and here is where the problem really starts... he cries, fusses and in general behaves such that I am reluctant to leave him... but in the end i hardened my heart and did just that... the time was already 6pm... pumped for about 15 mins... then cleaned up the equipment and other older bottles, nipples, etc... guess what time I was done? About 6:30pm... so then what, I have 30mins before starting this cycle all over again? And that's only if the kid cooperates.

and while i was pumping it's not like the kid slept... he was wailing about half the time... so unless he gets his act together, we are looking at both mommy and son who will in no time be majorly cranky and sleep-deprived.

I will be re-meeting with the lc Friday morning... let's see if I can stick to this at least until then.

oh look, it's 6:48pm... I guess i'll go take a power shower now.. this whole rigmarole is supposed to repeat itself in 12 mins' time!


[UPDATE: 730PM ... have yet to shower; baby is totally passed out, now wondering if I should try to force another round of nurse/feed/pump, or let the kid decide]

[UPDATE: 815PM ... kid has cried a bit then gone right back to sleep ... so I will go ahead and pump now... dunno if that's the right thing to do, but I think frequency is majorly important right now if I'm to reestablish a proper supply of boobjuice. Oh, and the cat peed outside her litterbox again, guess who stepped into a puddle of it? I *really* do NOT need to deal with her PLUS all the new baby issues!! aarrgghhhh!!!!]