Sunday, December 26, 2010

my massage wish list

Since we've "graduated" to working on non-classmates in what is termed "clinical settings", I've not been getting my twice-weekly in-class practice massages. Man do I miss them! If/when I ever do walk into a massage therapist's office one of these days, here's what I'll want them to work on:
  • my hands in general, specifically my right thumb and forearm
  • both my calves (I *really* need someone to dig in and knead 'em till they let go!)
  • my left ankle (remember my injury? there's a lump of scar tissue/ excess collagen / something-or-other that needs "shredding"!)
  • my left rhomboids and surrounding area
  • my right QL and surrounding area

A session that does justice to all this while also providing a decent all-over massage should take about 1.5 hrs. My main (mental) obstacle is wanting to make sure I go to someone who can do an excellent job, because ugh the cost of massages is really high so I want to make sure I get my money's worth, y'know? I can go to my main massage instructor, but at the same time I'd like to try out some other people too. But I want them to be totally worth it.

Any recommendations, Springfield?

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

didn't last :p

Well THAT didn't last...

Tuesday I woke up too late for Zumba, and the Yoga/Pilates class wasn't calling out to me, so I didn't go, justifying it with a plan to hit one of the evening classes at the Y,,, which I proceeded to forget about as I cooked then delivered a Philly Cheesesteak Quiche to a "birth-tay gurl" *and* had a massage victim in the afternoon...

Wednesday I woke up with an unhappy ankle, prompting me to see if I could get a mssage session of my own... unfortunately my massage instructor was fully booked ("EVERYONE wants in before Christmas!")... so I just kinda moped around...

... and today, Thursday... I let the hubs take the car to work, so the Zumba or Yoga/Pilate session this morning was off the cards. Maybe, just maybe, if the hubs isn't on call, we might to some r-balling this evening. Don't hold your breath though.

Friday it's supposed to friggin snow... no classes at the Y anyway, and they close early... so I should get off my butt and do some sort of workout at home, heck even just a comprehensive gentle stretching from head to toe would work... or try a full round of the Daily Energy Routine...

I gotta say, seeing the actions makes 'em a lot less intimidating/confusing than just reading about 'em accompanied by some photos/sketches. I *might* just do this...

...mañana! :p

Monday, December 20, 2010

back on track?

Well, this site fell into a bit of neglect... I have a good reason for it though.. I'm taking a Massage Therapy certification program, and that takes up all my weekday nights, and most of my Mondays too. That doesn't leave as much time for futzing around online... I *had* still been working out pretty often, then came some news (TBA later) *and* the cold... and next think I know I've not worked out in weeks!! Aaargh!

But hey, I get three -- yes count 'em: THREE! -- weeks off between semesters! And I intend to hit the Y as often as I can during this time, and use that momentum to keep me going into the new year.

So far, yesterday (Sunday) played racquetball with the hubs for about an hour: again, something we've not done in what seems like forever. My ankles ached the next day, ugh! And today I did 1hr of Zumba, 30mins of which were the "Latin Sculpt" version i.e. with light weights. I was going to go straight to an hour of yoga afterwards, but they changed the schedule, gah! Now I'm going to have to choose one or the other. Grrr! Tomorrow I'll decide between Zumba and the Yoga/Pilates class. Wednesday I'll probably do the lunchtime yoga. Thursday should reflect Tuesday. No classes on Friday, and the Y is closed on Saturday, so I'll have to do some home exercising on those days.

I just hope the weather stays kinda warm (haha), because I really do NOT enjoy the cold, and it's way too easy to just snuggle under the covers and sleep the day away!

Friday, December 3, 2010

this is an SEO site?

A long time ago I submitted IQ vs lbs to Blog Explosion, in the hopes of getting traffic from like-minded bloggers over this way. So long ago, in fact, that I thought BE had died or something. Then all of a sudden yesterday I get an email saying this blog has been declined, because "as stated in our user guidelines, we are not currently accepting SEO sites into our directory."

This is an SEO site? Really?

*shakes head*

If it had been declined because I wasn't posting regularly, I'd totally buy that. But labeling this blog as an SEO site??!!