Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday: double smoothie!

... and double potato chips! :p

Woke at 5:15am but was still late to the early morning step class (no thanks to the cat ... grrrr!!), but hey at least I made it! I've been threatening to go for weeks now, but every Friday morning has seen me turning the alarm off and dropping back off to sleep.

So, this time I drove.

Class was by a substitute (P, who usually does Zumba). While she stumbled (not literally) a bit through the routine, it was good enough for me: I sweated, my heart rate was up, good enough! And at least I didn't feel the pressure to keep up the way I knew I would with the normal instructor.

Also, I felt quite -- distanced? -- from the actions and didn't really enjoy the session: I had kinda expected that, though, because what's important to me nowadays is first and foremost enjoying myself, and not scrambling to keep up with some moves while making sure I don't trip myself up! I want to smile and move, not frown and flail! As such, I may need to find myself something else to do on Fridays (can't wait for the Friday Nia class to come back!)

Despite all the sweating, I didn't drink much water during or immediately after the workout. Bad bad lynne! :p Kind made up for that by downing over 2L of water the rest of the day!

~8am: banana + apple + handful of baby arugula smoothie (very yummy!)
~9:30am: a large skinny vanilla latte, and one plain chocolate Hershey's nugget
~12:30n another banana + apple + handful of baby arugula smoothie
then it went downhill.... there was the polishing off of half a bag of potato chips... and almost a whole other bag later in the night... in between there was an attempt to stem the tide with watermelon, and an egg... but the chips still won. Ugh. Just have to not have 'em in the apartment. Just like ice cream.

Overall, though, it was a relatively good day: I *really* like that I downed so much water (those salty chips had something to do with it, I suppose :p)

... we'll see how well I stick to the smoothies over the weekend: weekends are always a challenge! :p

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tues Wed Thurs: not going so good ...

Woke up too late for smoothie-making.
Had a ¾-boiled egg (the white is solid, the yoke gooey), and allergy meds washed down with a few sips of Sprite Zero (water wasn't immediately on hand!)
Biked to the Y
Did 45mins Zumba (Gold) and 15mins Sculpt with 2x5lb dumbells.
Biked back
Had another ¾-boiled egg.
Don't remember what else I ate over the rest of the day, but I think I was pretty good apart, from some mindless SunChips consumption.
Made up for it a little by hitting the gym again in the evening for an hour of Yoga (drove).
Total water intake ~1.0L

Biked to the Y.
45mins Zumba
1hr racquetball
too hungry for smoothie-making! instead had bagel & cream cheese w almond milk, water.
More poor eating ... take my word for it, the resolution for healthy eating was shot to hell with lots of unnecessary snackage of bad foods (ooey gooey coffee cake, anyone?).
At least water intake was over 1.5L, but that had to dilute 2 cans of Coke Zero, ugh.

Biked to the Y.
Another 45mins Zumba (Gold) and 15mins Sculpt with 2x5lb dumbells.
Biked back.
Was slightly better about food intake; had a chipotle chicken salad for dinner, drowning in sour cream, plus guacamole and snacked on potato chips out of the bag :p
At least water intake was over 1.5L and had only one can of Coke Zero.

= = =
Okay, so the smoothie twice a day is not getting achieved (heck I had two smoothie-less days!), gotta buck up on that. And the snacking... that's gotten waaay out of hand! One good thing, tho: I've not been tempted by ice cream recently, let's keep it that way!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday: getting back on track

One reason I was totally derailed food-wise was I wasn't keeping proper tabs on my consumption... just the effort of keeping track of food intake goes a long way in getting one to think twice about what they are going to mindlessly shove down their gullet, methinks.

So here it is again, more for me than for you... my daily food/activity diary.

Monday August 2nd 2010

Morning smoothie(s): collard greens smell really funky... but taste fine when blended with banana apple and grape tomatoes! I made it thick, so had a mugful before, and after, workout.

"Lunch": throughout the early afternoon, grazed on THREE Great Value (i.e. from WalMart) High Fiber Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bars (140 cals each) and finished the jazzed-up mac&cheese from last night (lots of added red & green peppers, some red onion and lots of sharp cheddar cheese).

Dinner: ok I was bad (because I'd been doubly good exercise-wise, see below)... got myself chili cheese fries and a patty melt... and two cans of Coke Zero... but gulped down another 20 fl oz of water!

Workout(s) & other activities:
Morning: Biked to/from the Y. Did 45mins Zumba (no Weights On Ball today, sob sob!). Consumed almost 600mL water (20 fl oz) during workout.

Evening: drove to/from the Y. Did 15mins Strictly Abs followed by 1hr of Zumba. Also consumed 20 fl oz water.

Night: up and down a flight of stairs a few times for laundry

= = =

So... food intake still all over the place: definitely need to work on that. Decent water intake, would have been better with only one or no soda tho. The double exercise was nice, even though it helped justify the bad dinner! Not sure why I decided to hit the Y twice in one day, both for Zumba. I don't even *like* Zumba that much! But hey, seeing the mindless repetition of unpleasant kicks (or what passes as kicks) prior to the abs class just further cemented my stand of not wanting to force myself into unappealing repetitive exercises. Better daily Zumba where I can work on letting loose and wagging my tail!!

It's 1:20am ... time for zzZZzzzZzz!

Monday, August 2, 2010

August Resolutions

Well, as you might have guessed from the dearth of posts that almost all aspects of my health efforts have gotten sidetracked. I have been hitting the gym frequently, mostly for Zumba classes, and the once-a-week Nia treat. However, I have also been doing a LOT of ice-cream and potato chip binging. Not good, for my physical, mental and subtle systems!

But August is a brand new month, and I once again reset my resolutions.

I currently hit the YMCA / dance studio on the following days for the following activities:
    Monday: mid-morning 45mins Zumba followed by 1hr of Weights On Ball
    Tuesday: mid-morning 45mins Zumba Gold followed by 15mins Zumba Sculpt
    Wednesday: early morning 45mins Zumba
    Thursday: mid-morning 45mins Zumba Gold followed by 15mins Zumba Sculpt
    Friday: [keep intending to restart the Step class, but keep not going][This used to be my Nia day, but that's moved to Sunday until further notice]
    Saturday: [not consistently, have caught mid-morning 1hr Zumba Gold plus 30mins Zumba Sculpt]
    Sunday: 1hr Nia

#1: Ramp it up
Do cardio every day at the Y / dance studio / home [i.e. fully implement the above schedule], and follow-up with weights for upper-body toning [already doing 2-3x/week, want to do every day]. In addition, I will continue to bike to/from the Y unless the weather is bad, or I'm running way too late.

#2: Green smoothies for breakfast and lunch
I've been pretty successful in fixing myself one once I wake up (and when I'm late/don't feel like it, I grab an apple which is still much better than past behaviour!), but now I'd like to down another pretty much once I'm back from working out. This should help up my nutrition intake, and reduce the chances of stopping by Grab-A-Java for a vanilla latte after Nia!!

#3: 1.5L water intake
I've not been monitoring my water intake, but I know it's terribly erratic. You know how if you feel thirsty it means you're already dehydrated? Yeah, I know that thirst well. I'll be looking for a simple water filter jug to help with this, because sometimes the tap water tastes weird :p

Okay that's it for August. Notice I am silent about any specific quantity of weight loss goals, about Coke Zero consumption. If August goes well, then I can tighten things up next month. Right now, let's just focus on those above three things, k?