About Me

Back in 2006, I made a wry observation that my target weight (in lbs) happened to correspond to my IQ. I then established this site to document the journey to a less-fat me, but proceeded to abandon and restart it a few times: lack of support, tons of inertia, self-defeating behaviour, negative enabling, you name it, I lived it. My weight has since creeped up even more. Ugh.

In April 2010, I decided to give it another go: after all, I was in a better place, in so many ways.

Beyond just a food and exercise diary, I intend to use IQ vs lbs (http://tinyurl.com/iqvslbs) to document my journey and thoughts, not just about weight loss, but about getting fit and healthy, eating better, etc... stuff that I think would be a bit too detailed for my regular personal blog.

So... welcome!