Saturday, May 29, 2010

May's been a washout!

So I had intended on jumping right back into consuming just raw/lightly-processed foods ... but that somehow didn't take... I think a huge part of how I was able to stick with it last time was the hubby's turned around hours... yes I felt good, but now that seems like a distant memory, not a tangible benefit anymore. His next round of vampire hours takes place in July & August, so I'll plan on getting two months in (as opposed to 3 weeks last time), and hope that I'll have enough momentum and habit-making in two months to continue into 'normal' hours.

I have been working out again... did a round of racquetball last weekend and the ankle held up well. Also went for some Zumba, Yoga/Pilates, Yoga and Weights on Ball. The latter had me pleasantly aching all over for quite a few days - high time I get back into some weight-bearing exercises!!

Had one Nia session before classes are suspended for summer (and perhaps beyond??!), but the instructor gave us a DVD of the Opal workout ~and~ a book on the Nia Technique "... so you can still work on Nia over the summer!": so nice of her! Watching the DVD and getting about a quarter-way through the book, I can say that I haven't tapped into the 'joy of movement' they tout... but I wanna get there... perhaps a Nia road trip would be beneficial? We'll see....

The ankle's been doing okay... I notice that it 'pops' a lot nowadays though. There's a slight pain when it happens, like popping your knuckles: except that the latter I do on purpose, the former I'd rather not have happen at all!

I'm psyching myself up for resolutions in June... haven't identified the one or two particular things I'd want to work on; you know, in addition to the 'regular' [haha] fiber intake & exercise, and the so far failed daily meditations!

Have a great weekend, and see you on the flipside!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back in the USA!

My time in Malaysia (and Singapore) revolved a lot around food and drink, as expected.

I didn't visit Restoran BRJ for its orgasmic nasi lemak this time around, so it will be a MUST do on my next trip. I did have a few other sub-par nasi lemaks from various kopitiams and restaurants: good enough to satisfy the craving but nothing that knocked my socks off.

Had plenty of kaya, teh tarik, various types of roti, fried noodles and Coffee Bean drinks...

Got some exercise while hopping along on crutches for a weekend... and I extruded rivers of sweat just by virtue (?) of being physically present in the heat and humidity that is Malaysia, so perhaps that counts as some sort of detox? Haaha.

Started to feel rather bloated and unhealthy after a while, though, which underscored the importance of getting right back on the raw/lightly processed foods wagon once I got back home.

That time is now.

Of course, last night's 'meal' of gas station crappucinno and half a bag of potato chips doesn't count. Shhhh!!

Today, so far so good: my morning started out with a large mug og Ho Yan Hor chinese herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey at 430am (couldn't sleep, gave up trying!), followed later by an apple (~8am), and then finishing off the wasabi almonds (~9am). Gotta make sure I get plenty of water.

For exercise, I will be cleaning the apartment (the cat's been a bad bad kitty!) and doing the laundry. Will start hitting the YMCA/gym again next week.