Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kefir smoothie?

So yesterday I asked if you'd had kefir before. Today I'll share a peek of the kefir smoothie I made:

This was my first smoothie in aaaaaages! Once I started classes, everything kinda went out the window... am gonna try to get back on track now.

So this smoothie was a simple one: a banana and a cucumber, with a ½ cup of strawberry+banana-flavored kefir and a splash of water.
Verdict: considering I hadn't tasted this kefir straight out of its container, I couldn't tell you just how much change/improvement there was in its taste/consistency. But based on the other one I'd tried, I can safely say that it felt to me like a lassi. There wasn't much taste to it: cucumber is very subtle, and the banana just melted into the existing strawberry-banana flavor that must have also been quite subtle because I couldn't have told you what it was I was drinking!

I'll be fixing myself more of the stuff over the weekend. More updates if there are new things to report :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Have you tried kefir?

A few weeks ago I picked up a bottle of LowFat Plain Kefir in an attempt to get more of those good bacteria in me... in general I've been really bad about food consumption lately, and my gut was pretty unhappy, I figured this might work better for me than the yogurt that seems to just sit on the fridge shelf totally not calling out to me when I am hunting for food and end up getting thrown out because they are waaaaaay past their expiration date. Besides, kefir is supposed to have a lot more, and better, types of bacteria, some of which actually colonise the intestinal tract rather than passing through they way those in yogurt do (see Kefir vs Yogurt)


I'd heard about kefir before, and somehow had the impression it was made with coconut milk. Wrong! It's made with any type of milk, really: the one by Lifeway was made from cow's milk. I hear the natural foods store in Springfield might carry non-cow varieties, I plan to look for 'em, later.

But back to the bottle I picked a few weeks ago: I was expecting a drink like a lassi... boy was I wrong! You see, lassi is a lot more liquid, I suppose you might call it yogurt diluted with water/milk... kefir on the other hand seems to be liquid yogurt. Very thick! And very very sour. Not bad, but... not what I was expecting... ... and so the opened bottle sat there for weeks until I decided it needed to go. A waste, yes. :(

Recently I went back and got the strawberry-banana version.
And will use it in a smoothie.
And blog about it.
Stay tuned!