Tuesday, August 16, 2011

YMCA I was in you!

After just about four months of absence, I actually hit the YMCA for a bit of exercise this evening! I am SO thankful they have a FREE in-house 2-hr nursery facility!! Today I only did a quick 30 + 5 mins on the elliptical, but it was good to be pushing the heart again (wasn't out of breath the way I was four months ago when I started my cardio up again for what was that, a week?, before I had the PROM incident?). My quads were quietly groaning at me after just a few minutes' work, it was a great feeling to use them the whole 35mins.

^^ It's washed out, but that's fine... this is what the scale read today... In a few weeks' -- or a month's -- time, I'll take another pic, and we'll see if that needle went down any. The number is way off from my last weigh in at the doctor's office, so I'm not going to focus on the actual number, just the change. You see, I'm pretty much at my pre-pregnancy weight, which is still over 30lbs too heavy, so the journey to a less-fat me continues.

Updates on actual breastfeeding and mommy-related things will come too... when I have time!!! Even this blog post is being typed on stolen time :p Can't stay and chat. Ciao!

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